Reliable Castings and Robust Quality for Designers and Supply Chain Experts

The design process of cast components is driven by more than just functionality. Meeting other key criteria such as cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency, castability, process robustness and quality in a minimum of time presents fundamental challenges during the stages of component conception and design.

The integrated methodologies of MAGMASOFT®, with the latest version MAGMA5, facilitate the collaboration of casting designers and supply chain managers with experts from production – supporting Simultaneous Engineering or Integrated Product Development processes systematically, efficiently and intelligibly.

With MAGMASOFT®’s unique built-in methodologies for virtual Designs of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, the software automatically runs and assesses various casting design and process parameter combinations. This enables casting designers and manufacturing experts to source and evaluate possible design options comprehensively and take secured decisions in an early development phase.

The seamless integration of MAGMASOFT® into CAE environments delivers strategic and competitive advantages, by providing systematic knowledge on dependencies and variations of the manufacturing process in the early stages of conception and design. MAGMASOFT® allows risk assessment through virtual validation of product requirements against manufacturing robustness long before design approval.

In this way, MAGMASOFT® is instrumental to secured decision-making and continuous improvement processes, ensuring the weight saving potential of cast part designs as well as reliable and robust production processes – exploiting the full potential of casting technology.

MAGMASOFT® reads and writes CAD information using neutral data formats and direct interfaces. Results can easily be exchanged with performance or crash simulation. Modern VR technologies are supported.

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